That is my 2012 list.

take time
I find myself saying - I don't have time.
Time to relax, to call someone, to shower.
I have time.
More time than I need for those things...
 I need to make it and take it.

make an early start
I have a bad habit.
I have been using Eva as my alarm clock.
I used to wake up before her...
get dressed, sip some coffee, plan our day.
It was nicer that way.

want less
I need to stop wanting things...
silly things...
new things.
Things I don't need.
Things that I like just because someone else has them.
My things are just fine.

read daily
I have started this one already...
reading a bit before bed each night.
A chapter or even just a page.
I used to read all the time...
and I really miss it.

be kind
I have a pretty quick tongue sometimes...
responding in the moment, in annoyance, in frustration.
It is mostly to those I love.
I also need to kind to myself.
Stop being so critical...
be nice. 

let stuff go
I am on a mission to simplify our things.
Pass on stuff to someone who needs it.
And I need to let other things go.
I hold a grudge... a pretty dang good one too.
I don't want to waste time this year being mad or sad.

play first
I am good at doing everything that has to be done.
I am bad at doing things that are optional.
The monster asked me to read the other day...
I was mopping the floor so I told her to wait.
Poor choice.
Play first - then clean.

So that is it...
what I would like to do better with this year.
I think I can.


rachel said...

I really like your list, Nessa! I should do many of these same things!

Adrienne said...

Wonderful list! You'll love every minute a dish gets left behind to put together a puzzle!! And I'm really wanting to read more this year too.

Heidi said...

GREAT list, friend.

Adriel (The Mommyhood Memos) said...

i love this!! i'm posting something similar tomorrow actually. :) two of yours are almost identical to mine - the waking up one and the reading one! so far i'm doing better on the reading than the waking, but i have all year to perfect my goals right? ahhhh, i will get there!!!! :)

Carri said...

We're trying to simplify too- getting rid of extra things...like do I really need 3 coffee makers? have a huge pile in the basement, but it hasn't made it out the door yet!

Noe said...

Great Goals Nessa, I can totally relate to many of 'em.
I must also say, I love the way you write!

Carol said...

Great list, Nessa. Living in the moment is going to be a huge goal of mine this year!

misc.alaina said...

This is a great list! I think everyone can learn from these things!!

pve design said...

be kind to yourself is where it all begins.
good luck with that! like they say on the plane, you must administer the oxygen first to yourself.

Tanda said...

Love this list Nessa. Everything on it I can relate to!

Janel said...

I can relate to each of your resolutions, and I really need to DO them! Thanks for sharing!