Dear Deedle


Hi Deedle.

Seems like it has been forever since I wrote you.
The holidays went by with the speed of light...
and here we are, 14 weeks along.

Friday I heard your heartbeat.
 We saw it on the ultrasound a month ago...
but I just realized this morning that was the first time I heard you.

There have been moments where I think I feel you.
They are so fleeting and fast that I just can't be sure.

If that is you...
Hello sweetheart!
If you could, make it last a little bit longer for confirmation.

Last night laying on my stomach, I felt like there was something under me.
I felt around for a sock or a wad of blanket.

Nope... just you.
That was fun.
I giggled and told your daddy.

I had my first day of not getting sick on Friday.
Thanks a lot for that.

Even though I was sick Saturday morning...
it is good to know that a whole day is possible.
More shall be coming down the pipeline, I am sure.

I picked up these little outfits the other day while Eva and I were thrifting.
There is nothing like a gown and a onesie that shouts tiny newborn.

In the basement, there is a tub of clothes.
The unisex newborn goodness that we had for your big sister.
I went through it over the summer and made sure only the good stuff was left.

A big part of me wants to run and add your things to the closet.
Rearrange some drawers and furniture.
Make a place for you.

But you have a place right now...
and you need to stay there quite a bit longer.

So I will wait...
and be content with washing and folding a little gown and a tiny onesie.

Hang tight and wiggle some more.
Love you.


Carissa Marie said...

Yay for the second trimester! So glad you're feeling better :)

Lindsay said...

so sweet! i have had those... I think I felt baby moments too. :-) happy times!

Melanie said...

Oh how I wish I wrote to Jaxy when he was just a little bean. If I ever am lucky enough, I must steale this idea drom you. Ok? OK, Good! Lol)

This is purely sweet, & I'm swooning over the tiny TINY onsies.

Hello baby fever! hehee

Amy Renea said...

oh those wonderful little "gurgles" and swishings...I miss that the most about pregnancy...so much joy...so much fun...ENJOY EVERY MOMENT! (except the horrible stretching and such...":)

Sandra Kohlmann said...

This is so sweet and dear. I wish I had thought to write to my girls when I was pregnant. Keep the pregnancy posts coming. I love them!

kristance! said...

sweet deedle, so much love.

Cari from Bubble Gum on my Shoe said...

:-) Nothing like baby love.

Adeena P said...

Yay for 2nd trimester! :D Hopefully more non-sick days are in your future.

And itty bitty onesies are too cute. :)