Yesterday was a hard mommy day and, for once, it wasn't because I was feeling horrible...
I was feeling just fine in fact.
The monster was a real monster.
Whining, yelling, crying, hitting kicking.
Throwing her self down on the the floor and being dead weight.
By the time 7:00 hit, I was spent.
I felt completely defeated and useless.

Today was better... kinda.
This morning while I was getting her shoes in her closet...
she ran into the bathroom and turned on the water.
Clothes drenched.
So I redressed her...
after wrestling, chasing, wrestling and chasing some more.
We were almost ready to leave and I was packing her lunch...

Then, I hear the laugh from the kitchen.
The special "I am doing something wrong" laugh.
She had reached her bowl of oatmeal (that she refused to eat for breakfast) off the counter.
It was mashed all over her head, in her hair and on her arms.
It was everywhere... even in her ear.
She had to have a bath to get it out.
That meant changing her clothes for the third time that morning.

Right now she is happily playing in her kitchen...
cooking her baby in the oven and feeding Cookie Monster a mushroom.
When she is cooking in her kitchen she doesn't like when I touch things.
I get that.

I love pomegranate
I want it all the time.
I went to two groceries today and there were none.
Is it out of season already?
Please say it isn't so.

Deedle is the size of an apple.
It feels like I constantly am going to bathroom.
I think it is because of said apple.
It is making sneezing and laughing tricky.
Up Deedle up.

I can for sure feel Deedle move around in there.
This is way, way before I felt Eva moving.
It is so awesome.
It makes me giggle and laugh...
and run to the bathroom.

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after seeing Mereidith's post... thanks.


misc.alaina said...

That is a beautiful shot of the pomegranate! I don't know the season for it, but I know they are good. Glad you are feeling better!

Marti said...

My pomegranate tree is finished for the year. I didn't have a very good crop this year, think it was too hot during summer. You are going to stay skinny chasing after your monster child. But she will grow up way too soon.

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Life as a mom is so challenging, yet SO rewarding. I'm glad you found your pomegranate!

Sandra Kohlmann said...

I can't fathom keeping up with a toddler while pregnant. Sounds like you're doing pretty great!

Something must be in the air, because my gals were monsters the last two days, too.

Meredith said...

Lordy, you KNOW I relate. Is it 7:00pm yet?

Adeena said...

Yay for feeling new baby wiggles! :D

Hopefully the "monster" stage doesn't last too much longer...

Heidi said...

Jay got a pomegranate this week, so fingers crossed that you can continue to feed that craving!

Sar said...

I've never been a pomegranate fan, mostly because the look of them kind of terrifies me. That's not weird, right?

Thanks for joining the link-up and the sweet note regarding Nick's Harvard interview! It's been an exciting few months with all the interviews, so now it's on him to charm them into thinking he would be an amazing medical student. I may need your advice as to how to keep an amazing relationship throughout a significant other attending medical school!

Lori said...

We do the chase routine with clothing changes as well. He thinks it's way more fun than we do. And I'm right there with you on the bathroom trips. Don't cough, don't cough, aw man! Lol glad my blog lifted your spirits a bit. Things will get easier when you start feeling a bit better.

Melanie said...

Oh my dear Nessa! I SO relate to you mama! Jax got into a box of baking soda the other night. You know the one you keep opened a bit in the fridge? Yah.... I had little white foot prints going from the kitchen allllll the way to monkey's room! Gotta love our crazy babes. Xoxo.

Eden E said...

I agree with Sandra - your name should be shouted from the rooftops for keeping up with a (spirited? shall we say?) toddler while you are preggers!

Ayayay! I am seven months along and couldn't keep up with a dead elephant.

Don't ask me where I got that image... just pretend it sounded normal and go with it? ;)

Very nice to meet you, and I'll be sending prayers and thoughts of good luck your way! See you next Thursday!

momto8 said...

LOVE LOVE pomergrants too..I put them in everything! Costco always has them.