Cloth Diapers for Beginners by a Beginner - Part 2

I left off where I ruined half our diapers.

I knew what I loved and what was annoying.
So I started searching.

And I was feeling really stupid for not reading directions...
wasting diapers and money.
I hate wasting money.

I searched and read and read some more.
I ended up deciding on the Flip system.


I started with the day pack to try them out.
I loved them, Michael loved them.

We went back for more.
Right now I am using 2 day packs.

Knowing that we had a heavy wetter...
I also researched solutions for that and found the Thirsies Hemp Inserts.

Love those guys too.
For nap, bedtime, car rides and long trips 
I put the Thirsties insert/booster under the Flip Stay-Dry insert and it does wonders.

The great...
The Flip system is really economical.
You can wipe out the inside of the cover or completely wash it out and it dries in no time.
I thought since the insert just sits in the cover that the inserts would move around a lot...
not the case.
Once the diaper is on - things have never slipped.
We have had one leak since since using them...
and it was after a cup of juice, a huge cup of water and some of grandma's soda.
The inserts dry a lot faster than the Gro-via.
You can use pre-folds in the Flip covers too.
You can wash the covers and insert in hot water.
They also recommend using bleach once a month on the inserts...
I haven't done this - but the fact that I can makes me comfortable with their durability.

The not so great...
So far there isn't much.
Aside from having to use the Thirsties as a booster...
which I think we would be needing regardless
these are great.

We also tried the Econobum Diaper System.
It was cheaper to buy a trial of the Econobum Diapers and get free shipping on an order I placed.

I really like them too.
Their inserts aren't as absorbant as the Flip's 
and a little more bulky because they are pre-folds.

But we use their covers and inserts interchangeably with the Flips.
They are really economical and a great choice.

I also have one BumGenius 4.0.
It is a great diaper.
But when it is dirty - you have to wash the whole thing.

Price wise...
the cost is quite a lot more than the Flip.

If I were to start from scratch...
I would have just bought the Flip system.

Not that the Gro-Via is bad.
Just that for us, simpler is better.

Right now, I am looking at getting more Flip inserts.
And going to only using the Gro-via when I don't have time to wash a load of diapers.

Part 3 to come...
with the accessories and some other things I have learned long the way.

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Em S said...

What do you find to be your cost savings using cloth vs disposables?

Beard said...

Good info here! If I'm ever blessed with children again, I'd like to try cloth. And the names of the poop-catchers crack me up, Econobum and BumGenius.

misc.alaina said...

This is such a good resource for those who can use cloth diapers. I know when I started looking into it for Will I got so overwhelmed by all of the information out there, and it was difficult to tell what was advertisement and what was actual experience. Unfortunately our babysitter requires disposables, so it wasn't cost effective for us to only be using cloth on the weekends and at night. I am sure plenty of mommas out there will find this helpful!