Spring is here!

I has been lovely outside.
Sunshine and breezes.

Pop-up thunderstorms and hail.
The ones that go right back to sunshine...
and leave that clean, green smell behind.

Seems like everyone is coming out of hibernation.
Our whole street was outside today.

Catching up on what happened over the winter.
It is like we have all been gone...
and are back in town finally.

A four year old from a few houses down came over to visit today.
She cracked me up...

You're having a little baby.  
Yep, I am.
My mommy said you were pregnant 
but told me I shouldn't ask - just in case.
In case what? I asked her - really curious now.
I guess, in case you were having something else.

Last wek it seemed like I was getting ready to go somewhere...
going somewhere...
was somewhere...
or heading back from somewhere the entire week.

Hoping to to just be here more this week.
Take more walks and play in the grass.

Happy Monday.

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Melanie said...

Hahaaa... I swear I just made Jaxy try on a cute flower headband thingeee just like that at Target! I thought it was a bit nicer than the pink bunny ears?!)Lol)

Love this shot of monster. Hahaa... kids are So honest, got to love it!

Hope you have a much more laid back week my friend.

tinajo said...

Haha, cute comment! :-)

You have such a sweet girl, love that pic! :-)

Gerty Mitchell said...

It's Fifi the Flowertot in real life!

Adrienne said...

Such a cute shot ~ how does she pull off that headband??!! We've had some lovely weather here too...so nice, except it makes one really not want to go to work!! Hope your week is more relaxing!

Heather said...

oh my gosh, this picture got me so excited to meet my baby girl in august! thanks for linking up! xoxo

Katie said...

What a cutie! Haha, I love the story about the little neighbor girl :)

misc.alaina said...

I love when the neighborhood comes alive again. This happened here a few weeks back! Now the children are out every evening. Hopefully you aren't having something else - haha! Cute shot of Eva!!

Lish said...

How cute is she!?!! Makes me wish I had girls...a flower headband isn't exactly gender neutral is it?! LOL!

Elena said...

Adorable photo! Love the headband.

amy said...

oh that's hilarious...in case you were having something else...LOL wonderful picture!! just precious! I hope you have a restful week too!