My to-do list is getting long.

This morning, we ran errands to get some things checked off.
Two of the three things I left for...
I didn't find.

This weekend, the calendar looks pretty empty.
Most weekends are jam packed...
so hopefully I can get some of those things done.

Right now I am on couch-island as the floors dry.
Eating lunch, while the monster naps.

Every now and then, 
I like to eat lunch after she is asleep.

I just pretending I am having what she is having...
and then have my real lunch a little later.

My house smells like Murphy's Oil Soap.
I love that smell.

Floors mopped - check.
That is one thing off the list.

I would check it off...
 but the list is on my phone
and my phone is missing.

Happy 1st of March.

Week 9 of 52

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Mrs Stephanie T


Melanie said...

You just reminded me I need to mop. Buggers! Eva eyes are so blue & SO amazing. Good luck finding your phone... little hands like to hide my phone all the time! Someone thinks it's quite funny, mama not so much!

Kelly said...

I usually wait to eat lunch until C is asleep which means I hold out until about 2pm but...the silence is magnificent ;)

Jenilee said...

sorry your phone is missing... that is so frustrating! love the pic though!

Victoria said...

what a cutie she is!!

i mopped my floor today too :)

happy thursday!

misc.alaina said...

Mopping is always last on my list because I have to do everything else before it. It doesn't happen as often as it needs to - oh well! I also love the smell of Murphy's Oil Soap. It reminds me of Saturday mornings at home listening to Jimmy Buffett while we did chores!

Tessa said...

I don't mop. Well, rarely. I do sometimes grab a wet cloth and wipe up obvious spots. Does that make me an awful person? :) I agree with Alaina above, mopping is always last on the list because you have to do everything else first. I rarely get to last on the list.

Seriously though, your daughter is adorable. I'm just stopping to say hi by from the Happiness Is... blog hop.

kristance! said...

murphy's oil is one of my favorite smells of all time...((sigh))

sometimes i like to eat after my kidlets go down for a nap too! (:

Cari from Bubble Gum on my Shoe said...

Wherever my keys are, my phone is; and I can never find either.

Stephanie Thigpen said...

i am the exact same way! i always just pretend like i'm eating what the nugget eats, then have myself something yummy that i can just eat all alone and ENJOY after she goes to sleep. love this post!! :D

Noe said...

Beautiful pic!
I have also spent the whole day cleaning yesterday. but the house smells so good now... I don't want to go anywhere..just want to stay home (like always anyway LOL).
Sorry abt your phone... My good phone has died..like dead for good a month ago, I only have my cheap work cell phone now,... and needless to say I hardly ever pay attention to it now. I know... huge fail in that department

Mahina Sayin said...

I love the smell of murphy's oil and I think you have inspired to me to give our floors a good clean this weekend. Thanks for linking up!

Courtney K. said...

I am glad to see that I'm not the only one who pretends to eat when my kid is eating so that I can have some silence and peace when I get to my real food. :) this mommy thing is no joke, right?! Yay for knocking out to-do lists!

Lori @ Photograph Life said...

O.M.Gosh. How cute!