Eva top web.jpg

I am loving...

the sun streaming in the windows.
making my pre-Deedle to-do list of things to sort and clean.
crossing one of those things off the huge list already.
that I have a little less than three months to get everything else crossed off finished.
hearing Eva sing from her crib... even though she should be napping.
unexpected mornings with Michael, even just for an extra hour.
the apple-cinnamon smell lingering from making granola and oatmeal last night.
coming up with fun things to hide in Easter eggs for Eva to find.
that Eva has been to the park more times than there are days this past week.
my short grocery list since my freezer is well stocked.
the morning spent playing/talking with friends not see in a while.
drinking sun tea and seeing another batch outside brewing.

Happy Easter!

Hope yours is filled with sunshine.

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Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

I absolutely adore that smile!!!

Donna said...

What an adorable smile she has.

misc.alaina said...

Mmmm, sun tea sounds really good right now! Such a great list! I love making lists and crossing them off. So exciting that you getting closer and preparing for the new baby!!

momto8 said...

Happy Easter!

Melanie said...

I adore that little monster smile! Wishing you and your sweet fam a lovely Easter, friend!!

Seeing Each Day said...

Doing a cath up post here because I've been a little absent of late in commenting on my favourite blogs. Oh my goodness, the photo of your little one in the previous post is beyond cuteness - and I loved how you wrote about the realities of the day. It's quite annoying isn't is how they can look this gorgeous under the circumstances. Your days in terms of welcoming your next little person must be numbered - not that I'm ever a fan of saying that I know how you must feel but I have just the slightest knowledge and I hope you are going well.

Cari from Bubble Gum on my Shoe said...

I love Sun Tea. And I have list envy.