Weekend Moments

We spent this weekend hanging out with good friends.
Trip to the zoo, bundled up against the wind.

I left our car, and started heading to the front gate...
keys in the ignition, car still running.

Good thing Michael asked for the keys.
Sometimes my brain just doesn't function right now.

The weekend went by way too fast.
I am just glad we will be visiting them in a few weeks...
it just didn't seem like we had enough time this weekend.

Watching our little girls have real conversations...
amazed at how much they have changed.

Allie Eva - reading.jpg

Eva is napping and Michael is on a run.

It has been way too nice outside...
And way too wonderful with Michael home on vacation,
to be typing or reading away on the computer.

Spending the days out and about 
means that monster sleep time is make-up time.

Running around, picking-up, gathering dishes and re-packing the diaper bag.
Or just sitting together and enjoying the day.

My mini-pregnancy breaks have started.
Sitting down for a few minutes with a big glass of water.
Catching my breath, which seems to be running away a little faster lately.

I am a bit of a weeble-wobble right now...
bump me just a bit and I loose all balance.
Sometimes I don't even need a bump.

Today is Michael's last day off.
Vacation is over tomorrow.

His next one isn't until July...
I don't think it will be quite as relaxing with a newborn.
But I am still really looking forward to it it.

3 months until we meet Deedle.

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Melanie said...

Lol... the car Incident sounds like something I would do, & I don't have preggy brain. Yay for little monster conversations! That makes my heart happy! Jax is talking up a storm to, SO relieved & proud.

Beautiful picture!

EverythingIam-blogspot.blogspot.com said...

Wait! I'm not pregnant & I still do things like this! LOL!

Adrienne said...

Such a sweet photo! Glad you had a lovely week...and can't believe only three months! {I left keys in car, and car running, at a parking meter in the center of town...and went shopping for half an hour or so...when my kids were in high school...so pre-menapause would be the only hormonal excuse I can come up with!!}

Tesha said...

What a sweet picture, I am jumping over from bits of splendor. I to have to take those breaks when I am pregnant, and also have serious mommy brain.

misc.alaina said...

Such sweet girls! Ahhh, pregnancy brain. I find that mine has never gone away! So glad you have enjoyed your family time!!

Cindy Swanson said...

Loved visiting your blog (found you through Miscellany Monday.)

Hope you'll stop by mine and say hello! :)

Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

Sandra Kohlmann said...

I forgot about losing my balance when I was pregnant. It's kind of crazy.

Re-packing the diaper bag sums up most of the last 2 years of my life. I can not wait for my girls to be potty trained, so that the luggage we have to haul everywhere we go will be a little lighter.

tinajo said...

I´m glad you had a lovely time together - and 3 months will pass before you know it (even though it always seem like forever at the end). :-)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

glad you had fun with daddy home. those are always the best days!

Adeena said...

Only three more months! It's gone by quickly... well, maybe not for you. ;)