Cheaper than a pot

garden heels web.jpg
You need heels for this...
at least Eva thinks so.

I wanted to plant some potted herbs and peppers alongside our garden.
Pots are expensive... did you know that?

So instead of $60 pots which were beautiful but pricey,
I bought $5 plastic party tubs...
and made them work.

drilled web.jpg
First I drilled drainage holes.
I thought five seemed like a good number, but no logic there beyond that.

rocks web.jpg
Then leftover landscape fabric and loose rocks were added.
Our driveway is getting replaced in a few weeks,
so remnants of the crumble worked great for drainage.

Eva garden dig web.jpg
Fill with dirt.
Liberally spread and share the wealth.

Eva shovel web.psd
Mix well and pack it down.
We used half peat moss and half potting soil.
I used the peat moss because it was leftover from our raised bed refill.

Planted Bucket web.jpg
Plant your plants.
These are basil seedings... grow strong little guys.

eva laying down web.jpg
And rest.
Because it is hard work... gardening
especially in heels.


tinajo said...

I´d say! She´s a true champ doing in in heels! :-)

Stephanie said...

Haha! Avery needs heels for everything! : )

What great photos! And I love the "pots" you found...what a great color!

Melanie said...

Oh! Gardening in heels, cutest thing I've seen in a while! (& I'm surrounded by a lot of cute, you know!)

Nessa, this is such a great idea. I just love how you can tell she's SO into helping mommy, & how fun for her to see her hard work grow & grow!

allenaim photography and design said...

HA - LOVE the heels!!! ...and $5 is MUCH better than $60!

Lindsay said...

What a cute garden helper!! Her heals are too cute! Ansley didn't like dirt until we started gardening this year :-) It's good dirt!

Kelly said...

What a smart idea to use those buckets! You are so handy :)

Susan said...

Oh boy...looks like someone had a blast. Great idea too.


Alicia said...

love your little helper. too cute :) i love her little shirt. great idea with the tubs...those planters are darn expensive!!