Daddy Eva Sleeping web.jpg

I feel like we have been really busy but not with anything big.
It has been a bunch of little things...

A few extra days for me at work.
A few more trips to the park.

More daylight and less night.
More time outside and less time inside.

Sweaters and footie pajamas have been packed away.
The hose has made it out and sunscreen applied.

I move a little slower and need more breaks.
Eva moves a lot faster and doesn't understand what a break is.

My to-do's are getting marked off...
but new ones are added just as fast.

Less than 9 weeks until Deedle arrives...
July sounds further away than that, no?

Monsters are sleeping through the night,
and taking extra naps.

Life is full, and good.

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Meredith said...

TOTALLY understand that first line about being busy without it being anything big--that's exactly how I feel most spring and summers too!

Melanie said...

NINNNNNNE weeks?! OMGosh... that went so fast. Lol... at least for me! WOW. Can't wait to see that sweet little Deedle face! Monster & daddy shots.... sigh... doesn't get sweeter than that!

Have a blessed weekend sweet friend!

Donna said...

Great capture. Daddy's little girl.

Pierre BOYER said...

Lovely picture...