Mommy, I want you.

That was all it took to turn me into a a teary eyed puddle of mush.
Monster, you have been a daddy's girl the last week or so.
So I haven't seen as many snuggles.

You swing back and forth between us...
first one then the other.

Knowing that soon things are going to get a little more complicated...
I am soaking in the cuddle time when it comes.

Last night, with your hand in mine and our hands on Deedle...
I was a sponge.
Soaking up as much as I could.

You have been seeming like such a big girl lately monster.
Getting so independent.

We bought big girl undies tonight.
You picked them out.

But with your slightly sweaty head on my cheek...
smelling so sweet, in only the way little ones can.
You felt little again.

    Mrs Stephanie T


tinajo said...

Sweet post too - enjoy those moments! :-)

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

a moment worth remembering for sure!

Em S said...

So sweet!

Sandra Kohlmann said...

You two are beautiful. I've been taking every snuggle I can get with my girls lately. I hate putting them in their cribs at night, because I just want a little more cuddle time. They are growing up much too fast. I love seeing them learn and grow, but sometimes I just want my babies back.

Heidi said...

Love these photos so much. Take care, sweet friend.

Noe said...

ok, now I'm all teary over here.... this is sweet!...take advantage of every minute!
and totally out of the subject..Your hair is so Beautiful!

Stephanie said...

So so sweet! What precious moments!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh, she is so cute. What a sweet post.