summer list.jpg

warm cotton candy
catch fire flies
bon fire
ice cream
play in the rain
new playground
fire works
pool time
outdoor concert
see a real grumbly cave
pick strawberries
road trip
family photos
snow cone
boat ride
play in a stream
meet Deedle

I know the first day of summer is already here.
But for me, it is June, July and August.

I split all the seasons up by month.
It feels better that way.

So here is our list.
Nothing hard or complicated...
just the good stuff.



tinajo said...

I love your list, all goodnes! :-)

Melanie said...

That is one flippn PERFECT summer list! Can I just copy n paste it... unfortunately minus the Deedle(obviously)? Hehe.

You have a beautiful life full of love Nessa!

Sandra Kohlmann said...

So many simple, summery delights. Every child should be as lucky as Eva, to have parents with these kinds of plans. She will grow up to appreciate the best things in life.

Carri said...

love it!

Mary said...

awesome list! :)

Lish said...

Ooohhh it tis time!!! Love your list my friend! I can't wait to start working on mine!

Alicia said...

i love your list!!! thanks so much for linking up :)

Lillian said...

That is a happy, happy perfect summer list:)