Wet Lands

Grasses Web.jpg

Daddy and Eva hike web.jpg

Grass web.jpg

Eva feather web.jpg

clouds web.jpg

Eva grass web.jpg

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Eva close grass web.jpg

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deedle belly hike.jpg

landscape web.jpg

collecting rocks web.jpg

fuzzy grasses web.jpg

Eva rocks.jpg

big feather web.jpg

tree alone web.jpg

Trails and sunshine.
Feathers and rocks.


Adrienne said...

What a lovely set of photos! I wanted to BE there! I'm such a sucker for little girls with their daddies shots, walking shots and from behind shots...so you can guess which one I liked the best! (also little cutie holding her rocks was pretty darn adorable too!!)

Melanie said...

BEAUTIFUL all around!! LOVE da belly shot)