100 Degrees


It is hot.
And our power was out...

The lights went out a few hours after the internet started working.
Of course right?

We slept in the basement.
Hung out in onesies - Theodore
and in Dora undies - Eva

TB Candlelight - web.jpg

We were lucky to use our neighbors generator to help keep our fridge cool.
Read some books and played cards.
And baby snuggled by candle light.

Lots of family time.
It was really nice... aside from all the sweating.


Lish said...

Congrats again on your sweet little guy...I'm feelin' for you though, sweatin' it out in the dark...yuck...it's hot as heck here too!

Stephanie said...

So very beautiful! Congratulations again on your amazing little guy!

Hope you get to cool down soon. Or at least some power. : )

tinajo said...

Sweet pic - but sweating with a baby isn´t too fun. I remember that we got a heat wave in Sweden just when my first son was born, oh my goodness how I suffered..! I hope it will cool off a little for you soon!

Em S said...

What a darling little guy! Hopefully you will get the cooler temps soon. I just opened our windows for the first time in over a week!