Monster Version 2.5

Eva 2.5 1_edited-1.jpg

Two and a half.

Such a big girl.
You are so curious.

What, who, and a few why's.
The questions have started to roll in.
So far the answers are pretty easy  - so far.

You amaze us.
Just when we think we know what you are going to say...
you come up with something else.

Come on guys... dance with me.
You say as you dance across the floor.
Play high heels, a fancy hat, and a golf club.

You always keep us guessing.
Happy Half Birthday.
Love us.


Adrienne said...

oh...wonderful, wondrous questions! happy half birthday from her Boston fan club!!

Charlotte said...


Melanie said...

No way! Your going to have to update to version 3.0 before ya know it! Uhh... way to fast mama.

Your girl just has the best cutest little face!

misc.alaina said...

She is so precious! Enjoy those easy questions because I hear they only get harder!! Sounds like such a fun age!

Seeing Each Day said...

Love that little bow in her hair - makes her look even more adorable.