Saturday Moments


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Tummy time

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New color


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This weekend was a full.
Michael was out of town Friday and Saturday morning for a friends wedding.
Eva, Theodore and I hung out at home.

I worked out for the first time.
Wow... I am still sore.

We took a trip to the laundromat.
I was so worried that Eva would be bored...
she loved it there and didn't want to leave.
Our washer was fixed today.
Good for me - bad for Eva.

Eva is wanting to dress her self all the time.
This also means she is learning to undress herself.
I found her in her crib naked after he nap the other day.

Theodore was officially one month old on Saturday.
I guess that means he isn't a newborn anymore.
He is awake a lot more and I finally get to see his eyes.

Our bedroom is getting a coat of yellow.
Well, probably a few coats seeing as it is purple/mauve right now.

We are now in the "bandaid" stage of life right now.
After a pretty bad fall at the park, I put a bandaid on and Eva said...
Thanks mommy, it feels better already.
Where does she get this stuff??

Even after neglect, and the death of all our squash plants...
our garden is still growing.
We have tomatoes everywhere and they are so yummy.

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Sandra Kohlmann said...

Those tomatoes! And Theodore's sweet face! Delightful.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

That tummy time picture is perfection.

Veronika said...

Love your pictures! Great blog! =)

{stopping by from lowercase letters}

Nikki said...

Look how tall Eva is getting. Crazy!

Dina Lettre said...

Okay...1 more comment. :) I love, love, love vintage milk glass and have a huge collection of fire king and pyrex. That scalloped bowl is awesome!