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EB laying guitar web.jpg

Eva loves songs.
She loves to sing.

We rocked her world when we ordered Eva her very first guitar.
(It is really a ukulele, but it is the perfect size.)

She likes to wear her boots while she plays the guitar...
she is so rock-n-roll.

One of her favorite shows to watch on TV
is a sing-a-long with the Laurie Berkner Band.
Laurie has a guitar too.

Little does she know that I just ordered tickets to see them live.
It isn't until May - but I am so excited.

I hope she still likes them by then...
and her boots still fit!

and then, she {snapped} The Paper Mama Photo Challenge


Adrienne said...

ok...it's posts like this that slay me! This girl is too much. I see this and I picture "G" is for... "B" is for... She will LOVE that live show!

Caitlin MidAtlantic said...

These are such awesome photos! What a cutie pie!

Noe said...

You are so Sweet! and this is Too cute! ... Posts like this light up my heart !
Eva looks beautiful rocking her polkadot rain boots ! and the Elmo pj's? OMG! too much cuteness.
I'm sure she will be over the moon when she finds abt the show.

Gina @ Kleinworth & Co. said...

Oh how precious!!!!!

Carri said...

Love her style! Rock on Eva

Nikki said...

How cute is she!? Does she sing all the time? That's what Harper does.

Cropped Stories said...

What fun captures! My little one has the same pjs! Who doesn't love Elmo!

tinajo said...

She´s got the perfect outfit, too cute! My boys loved to play guitar once, not so much anymore..! :-)

Jill Wellington said...

OM-GOSH! And all while wearing Elmo jammies! Love all the photos.

sara said...

those boots are adorable

...and they compliment her elmo wear nicely!.

there's something about a girl and her rain boots.. I have my own little, who loves to wear her boots at random times.

so sweet.

a rockstar indeed.