Princess Clouds


Last night I had a date.
The first in over two months.
We watched the sunset.

My date said the clouds were princess clouds
It was a date with the Eva-monster.
Some much needed one-on-one time.

Where did we go?
The grocery.

One of her new favorite places since she discovered the fun car-carts.
Eva "drove" us to get bananas and milk.

I made a few extra laps for fun...
and she cheered when I knocked some boxes off the corner shelves.
Those carts are tough to turn - especially at high speeds.

A bribe was required to get her out of the cart.
SInce this wasn't my first trip with the car cart...
I was prepared with a rainbow sprinkle donut.


Caitlin MidAtlantic said...

errand dates are so much fun! Laura and I went to Target just the other day. Although, she thinks car-carts are for "other" families. I'm hoping that belief lasts a long time...

tinajo said...

Oh, car-carts! My rascals loved them too and I loved driving them around! :-D

Adrienne said...

gorgeous clouds!! And your mommy daughter dates will continue for years to come. And many of them will involve shopping!

Erin said...

Love my one on one time with my girl - she's seriously so different when it's just me and her!