Still Life

still life web.jpg

I took this photo playing with some settings on my camera.
When I went to delete it - I realized there was so much in that photo.
Daily life stuff.

Camera bag - open and empty.
Weights - I managed to fit in a workout, but just half of one.
Books - ones I want to read, but haven't even cracked.
A big green box - full of bottles and pump parts, lid ajar from frequent opening.
Baby monitor that is unplugged - he is rarely far enough away to use it.
Hair brush - because I normally fix, well at least brush my hair while Eva eats breakfast.
Vases - one a wedding gift and the other an anniversary gift from Michael - both make me smile.

Then me...
blurry and a little fuzzy in the background.
Wearing Theodore and getting ready to take Eva to the park.

Little bits of life.


Kate@StillRoomToGrow said...

Love this. Its funny how we are so quick to delete the imperfect stories, when they are sometimes the most telling.

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

thank you for inviting us into your daily life. the in between moments are what life is about!

Emily S said...

What a great way to represent your everyday...it seems calm and put together. Seems would be the operative word there.

shellbelle said...

I love this, so simple but meaningful, a way to say something without words! fourboysandalittlemummy.blogspot.com

misc.alaina said...

Great capture! You have the best lighting in your house that I have ever seen - jealous!!

Heidi said...

Love these little bits of life.