Leaves and Jars

Fall Leaves Drive
Dear Leaves
Please hang on tight a few more weeks.
I can't get enough of all the colors.
And then there is that smell - fall leaves smell.

Fall Windows Open
Dear Mother Nature
Thank you for all the days with windows wide open.
And please let the weather man be wrong.
He says snow next week, just in time for trick-or-treat.
Show him who is boss.

TB Baby Weight Check
Dear Slightly Chubby Baby Theodore Thighs
Because of you, we are out of the 4th percentile and rocking the 13th.
We officially have a big roll and I would love some more.

Hometown Grocery Store
Dear Hometown Grocery Store
I appreciate that you have not moved a single item since I was little.
You may have only one of everything, but you still have at least one.
If I forget something, it is only a few steps away.

Pumpkin Butter
Dear Pumpkin Butter
Where have you been all my life?
How did we miss each other in the love-of-all-things-fall-and-cinnamony?
I ate you on toast and on a waffle this morning.
Oh yeah, and straight off the spoon.


1 comment:

Danielle Huddleston said...

I am in love with apple butter. It has been a while since I had pumpkin butter. Maybe it is time to get some!