Big Girl Bed

big girl bed

It was a last minute decision.
One second, bedtime stories were being read...

The next, we were unscrewing and reassembling.
Searching for bed parts and fishing for screws.

We drug our feet long enough.
Time for Eva to meet the freedom of a big girl bed.
Michael made the plan, Eva was excited, I was scared.

It is now a week out, and it is going pretty well.
The fact that she could climb in and out of her crib already...
lessened the impact of the new freedom I think.

Bedtime is still tricky.
But just as tricky as before.
These little ones really don't appreciate bedtime do they?

So far, she stays in bed.
Even if she is fussing about being there.

Since we she decided to skip training pants at night,
Eva's little training potty is now in her room.

Sometimes, in the night she uses it and goes back to bed.
Most of the time, we get called in to take her.
Michael takes those calls usually because he is awesome.

In the morning, she usually calls us in to get her.
Even though she can come and go as she pleases.
Sometimes she sits and reads her books for a while.

Naptime still is the hardest.
All the light, knowing that the rest of the day still exists.
Eva finds it so hard to sit still long enough to fall asleep.

I started letting her take books to nap with her.
I hoped that she would stay in bed longer... and it worked.
Most of the time she still sleeps, thank goodness.

I have started calling nap time - quiet time.
And have decided that it will happen forever, sleep or no sleep...
because I know she won't nap forever.
(Thanks Adrienne for the idea.)

So strange how these big moments happen.
You think about them for so long...
you wonder how you will ever get there.

Before you know it you are past it and on to the next.
Life keeps on marching.


Nikki said...

It's amazing how they still call for you to get out if bed. Harper does it too. Reminds me that even though she's taking all this big girl steps, she still needs me.

Olivia Grace said...

Yay!! What a big girl! She looks so proud and happy!!

Lindsay said...

So big!! She's a cutie!