happy 2013

Hungry Hungry Hippo.
Now that is a great game.

We rang in 2013 as a family.
The kids went to bed.
 And Michael and I watched movies.

I fell asleep before it was actually midnight.
The first time I missed the ball dropped since I was tiny.
That's okay.

The kids were up and down, so I didn't stay asleep for long.
Eva is fighting a bug and Theodore...
well, Theodore just doesn't sleep.

I am looking forward to this year.
A whole lot.

I have a short list of things for 2013.
Things that I need to do more...
to choose more.

more 2013

Happy New Year!!


Adrienne said...

Happiness right back to you! This space sure brings joy to me ~ I hope you know that! Might even write you a letter about that...

Emily S said...

Happy new year to you!

Carri said...

I fell asleep before midnight too :)

Kelly said...

That is a great list! Happy New Year friend xoxoxo