EB snowopants.jpg
EB snow portrait web.jpg
snowman web.jpg
EB snowman hugs web.jpg

Michael and Eva made a snowman.
Although I think he worked a lot harder than she did.

I made a sweep around the house for finishing touches.
Blue fingerling potatoes made great eyes.

She named her snowman Margret...
and declared they are best friends.


Olivia Grace said...

Eva is just so pretty and sweet, I can't even take it!

Julia said...

I could not figure out the eyes for our snowman---what a great idea! Although I don't have those fancy potatoes on hand here:)

Adrienne said...

Ms. Margaret the snowman is lucky to have her!

tinajo said...

Very sweet - made me think of an animated movie I can´t remember the name of... I´m a scatterbrain! :-)

Seeing Each Day said...

These captures need to go in a photo album for Eva to look back on straight away - they are totally priceless.

Jennifer said...

oh my goodness, this is hilarious. what a perfect name for a snowman.

Not My Year Off said...

Thats a very sweet name for the snowlady :)