Our day

sparkle web.jpg
morning sparkle

shredding carrots web.jpg

avacado lunch web.jpg

simmering web.jpg
simmering lentils

car rug web.jpg
parking lot

dishes web.jpg
sink full

TB practicing crawl web.jpg

TV time web.jpg
TV time

laundry web.jpg
clean laundry

Her favorite shoes... her ballet shoes.
Or tap shoes or princess shoes.
Very multi-functional.

Shredded veggies - I sneak them into everything.
Chili, spagetti, lettuce wraps, mac and cheese.
These carrots were destined for a curry.

I cooked a lot yesterday, since we stayed in.
Made triple batches and filled the freezer.
and pureed carrots for the little man.

He is trying.
Knees and hands up.
So far it is either a face plant forward...
or a big slide backward.
Both tend to make him pretty mad.

When Mike is overnight in the hospital, bedtime is about timing.
Getting Theodore asleep or at least happy...
So his sister can have her bedtime story and song.
Sometimes TV saves the day.


tinajo said...

Such nice pics, and love the first one - who wouldn´t want sparkly shoes like that?! :-)

lucy at dear beautiful said...

What gorgeous photos. And what a lovely way of showing what your day is like.
I love the little legs and feet sticking out of the bumbo in your lunch shot. That's a pretty familiar sight around here too, only without the puréed yet!
Thanks for linking up to See It Snap It Love It. X

brinabird said...

Popping over from See it Snap it Love it...I love all the pictures and how you managed to just get one word titles for them...your little one is very cute x

Emily S said...

It's all about timing, isn't it? It's always easier with four hands. Sigh.

Adrienne said...

Love the snapshots of your day...and the sparkly shoes!

Katie said...

Beautiful reality shots:-) The tv often saves the day in our house too!

Kelly said...

Oh man...tv saves me more often than not these days. Thank goodness for PBS and Disney Jr ;)

Mammasaurus said...

Great snaps - really love the parking lot one!

Meredith said...

It's amazing how much beauty is in the mundane...if you're looking for it! Love this Nessa!