TB 8 mos web.jpg
 8 months.
Mr. Theodore

Crawling, pulling up to standing.
slow it up a bit.

The baby gates are ready.
We are not looking forward to blocking off the stairs...
and we want to put you in a helmet.

You really need a helmet.
There is head trama and a busted lip everyday.
Blood, really, everyday.

You laugh like Fat Albert.
Ahehehe! Ahehehe!
With an old man raspy voice.
Love it.

I wouldn't change a thing about you...
except maybe your sleep schedule.

Okay, I hate your sleep schedule.

I know its temporary...
play time at 4 am.
Oh but it is so early.

You're such a jolly guy.
All the time.
Especially at 4 am.

TB 8 mos bowtie web.jpg
I have been going to bed early.
That is big.
Real big.

You are changing me.
Making me a morning person.
Something I have wanted to be...
Even if I might be a little grumpy about it.

It is good.
Your awesome.
The best little man.

Love me.


Adrienne said...

ok, I'm jealous of these gorgeous photos. I tried when mine were little - but geesh! I got a dose tonight... a little 3 year old princess and a 6 month old prince. Happiness! Sorry about the sleeping bit - but seriously, he is perfect.

tinajo said...

They DO turn us into better persons, don´t they?! He´s lovely!

Nikki said...

He looks like spiderman in that first picture. He's definitely a little super hero!

Emily S said...

Ah, the bow tie! Awesome!! We've been there, we still are, bonks, bruises, trying to catch up to number one! Happy 8 Months!

Adeena said...

Ummm... how is he so big?? When did this happen?

Also - that bow tie is too adorable. :D

Kelly said...

What is it about 4am that is so much fun?