Getting ready to head out the door...
and it is always a struggle to get Eva dressed.

She hides and runs.
Streaking through the house.

I want to be nakie mommy!
Standing in the window, waving at our neighbors in her birthday suit.

But once we get clothes on, shoes are easy.
She loves shoes.

We have been working on choices lately and letting her make them.
Choosing clothes, toys, to obey or choose a time-out.
Choosing her fruit and choosing to be a good listener.

Then one day last week I handed her two pairs of her favorite shoes...
and asked her to choose a pair.

She came to me a few minutes later, grinning from ear to ear...
Mommy I didn't have to choose, look! Look!!

EB different shoes web.jpg

She cracks me up.
And I let her wear them that way.
Little smartie pants.

Bonus: she had socks on when I handed her the shoes... 
and that is why I am not teaching her to take her shirt off on her own yet.
Keeping her clothed is a full time job as it is.


Adrienne said...

Don't they just astound you!!??! I had one who took everything off, put it on and HAD to dress himself. And the other who just wore what I put her in/handed her until she was at least 12...funny, right?

Lora said...

that's adorable!!

Nikki said...

Little smarty. I love that they have no sense of caring what others think. I wish we could all keep that forever.

Lish Hummel said...

So cute!!! My two love to dance naked as well, in fact any chance they get to be naked they are running around till someone can catch them, LOL!

Carri said...

Love her free spirit!

Silvia said...

This is the cutest thing, Ever!