TB 9 mos web.jpg

Nine months little man.
This has been a big one.

Crawling and meaning it.
Fast as lightning.
Getting in your sisters toys and making her mad.

Pulling up on everything.
Cruising around a few steps here and there.
Falling, face-planting, and lip busting.

Old-man laughing.

First ear infection and antibiotic.
Follow right up with a case of roseola.
Fevers abounded last week.

Eating anything I put in your mouth.
Quinoa, pickles, turkey, pasta.
If someone is eating... you had better be too, or else.

Also, you eat everything/anything else you can get your hands on.
Fuzz, dryer sheets, stray onion that missed the pot,
A big pile of dirty crud I had swept up in the kitchen.
Yep, you ate that too.

You are just over 20 pounds. 
We will have your official weight/height after vacation.

You are going to the beach...
even if mother nature is going to be making it the coldest March on record.
We will be there in a snow suit if necessary.

And you say mum mum.
To me.
When you want me.

Mum mum mum mum.
It is the sweetest sound in the world.

Love you little man.
Your mum mum.


Julia said...

yes. The eating random junk from the floor! Love him---so cute.

Adrienne said...

Mr bright eyes! You know how partial I am to that big sister of his... but he sure has a special light all his own!

Stephanie said...

Such a sweetie!

P.S. Sorry about being a terrible pen pal...life has been crazy hectic around here. : ) Soon though, I promise!

rachel drechsel said...

Oh Nessa, where did your baby go??!!

tinajo said...

Oh, I love the mum mum mum - sounds so lovely from little ones! :-)

Kelly said...

Nine months? I don't even believe it.

Emily S said...

don't you love that little mum mum mum. He's so big!!

pve design said...

Wow, he is beautiful. I love all the nines around you.
Nine Months, Nine Years. Babies, Marriage, Love, Life, it's all good. Praying for your Mom.