Wedding Photo

Nine years married to you...
my Michael.

We are spending it with teary phone calls with my dad 
and getting updates on my moms condition.

Trying to keep things normal for Eva for the tiny bit time left here...
while getting things ready to leave before the sun comes up.
Tears, hugs, prayers and hope.

This isn't how I imagined spending our anniversary,
but your love and support is the exact reason I could never imagine my life without you. 

It is easy to love someone during those "perfect" days.
Dates with wine and candles.
Or "perfect" family days where everyone is happy and excited and listening well.

I have realized that real, true love is all the moments in between.
A look across a room to let me know everything will be okay.
A kiss as you walk by with a baby who is crying and needs a diaper change.

Today, especially today...
I am reminded how perfect these "imperfect" moments are...
because you are truly perfect for me.

All my love,


tinajo said...

I´m keeping you all in my thoughts - I hope she´ll get better soon!

misc.alaina said...

Happy Anniversary! Very sweet, and very true, words here!

Duke and June said...

So sorry to hear that your mother is not doing well. I am glad you have someone so perfect for you to comfort you in the hard times, it really is a special thing. I will be sure to say a little prayer for you and your mother.

Adrienne said...

all the moments in between. so true. thoughts and prayers with you all.

Julia Goolia said...

Wow, nine years! Happy Anni, guys.

And so sorry to hear about your mom. Thinking of you, prayers your way!

from mel said...

praying for you!

Stephanie said...

Thinking of you guys...and sending thoughts and prayers to your mom.

Seeing Each Day said...

Yes, there is certainly a redefinition of the word 'love' as one grows older. So happy that you appear to have found it. And truly sorry for what you are going through right now, it sounds very hard and heavy. Renee.

pve design said...

Congratulations and I am so sorry to hear about your Mom but delighted to know she is a fighter. Love and life take dedication and commitment.