11 Months

TB 11 mos grass web_edited-1

It has almost been a year...
It has gone so fast it and it seems like I was just meeting you.
All at the same time.

Remember how you used to not eat...
Well now you are an eating machine. 
You stomach is bottom-less and you will eat anything.

We are still nursing six times a day.
Once in the super early morning that I would be okay with loosing.
Mainly because I would hope that to mean you were sleeping all night.

You have only done that once...
One magical night of sleep.

You adore your sister.
Following her, playing what she is playing, trying to see what she has.
Following her like a duckling and invading her space.

You always want whatever she has.
She gets mad and snatches her toys back.
No Theodore, thats mine.

Recently you have started retaliating.
Using all your strength, jumping up and body slamming her to the floor.

Eva thinks it is hilarious.
You do to.
Laughing with a deep, old-man guffaw that has a tiny maniacal feel to it.

Not sure she realizes you mean business.
I see sibling-wrestle mania in my future.

Broken knick-knacks and he said she said.
Kinda looking forward to it.


Adrienne said...

He's just gorgeous! And spirited too, it seems! They'll learn so much together as they wrestle it out over the years! I love that you're looking forward to it!

tinajo said...

A sweet little guy! :-)

Seeing Each Day said...

Love his happy expression in your shot. Happy 11 month celebration day.

Julia Goolia said...

Love him, happy 11 months, big boy!