Birthday Man

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TB one year web.jpg
One year old.

It was a flash...
in a long, happy and yet exhausting year.

Eating, growing, moving.
Teething, crawling, walking.

Our family growing and expanding.
Love multiplying.
Hearts expanding exponentially.

Guido Man.
That nickname has stuck.
It appeared during your leaner times...
when we were trying to fatten you up.

The idea of a little Italian growing fatter was appealing.
So in snuck...
The Guido Man.

That is your history.
Seeming to be so laid back... 
then coming in at just a hair over crazy.

You are...
strong willed.
You relax and then take charge.

It has been amazing to see. 
You: knocking our sister to the floor in a powerful body slam.
Her: Laughing uncontrollably because she doesn't know that you will soon out weigh her.

I see tables knocked over
and broken windows in my future.
With a side of he did / she did.

Our amazing boy.
We love you so much.
Happy Birthday!


Kaeley Mull said...

What a sweet tribute to your little one!

tinajo said...

Such a sweetie! :-)

Lillian said...

Get out!! I can't believe he's one already!! Happy happy birthday to your little one, love these words about him so much:)

Julia Goolia said...

Happy birthday, sweet boy. I love this post, as always. What a sweet tribute.