my thanks

For these guys...
I am incredibly thankful.


Not just for the obvious mommy reasons.
It is true, I am so very thankful for them...
the healthy, intelligent, loving, courageous and amazing kids that they are.

It is some of the other things...
the things that I see, feel and enjoy that I wouldn't have before.
The things I would have missed or taken for granted if it weren't for you two.

How the snow sparkles like glitter on the hood of the cars in the parking lot.
Taking the turns at Target a little too fast causes the carts to pop side wheelies - and thats hilarious.
Any store display of trees, ornaments and lights are magical places.
That you can get a lot of things done in the morning if you are up before the sun.
Saying hello to strangers makes everyone smile.
That a good long rock in the rocking chair can cure almost anything, even an annoyed mommy.
Spontaneous act of kindness between you two makes my heart explode.
My parents are amazing and they are even better than amazing grandparents.
That family is so important, every single one, because family is love.
That your daddy is the coolest daddy on the planet and I am so very lucky to have him.

All of those things are just things from today.

Thank you guys...


Jenilee said...

oh, I'm so glad you shared your post! I've heard that Ohio has gotten some snow :) we are in TN for the week and got mostly rain... I love how you saw your things to be thankful for through your kids... so very true. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tonya said...

What a beautiful post and beautiful family. Children are such a blessing.

Julia Goolia said...

Beautiful, Nessa. As always.