Theodore Version 1.4.15


Mr. Theodore.
One year, four months and 15 days.

That is over 43 million seconds...
that ticked, crawled, flew, disappeared.
where I have had tears of exhaustion, defeat, joy, laughter and happiness.
that we giggled, sung, dance and snuggled.
while you screaming, cooing, crawling, walking, smiling, and calling me mama.

You have taught me a lot in these 502 days.
Humbled in this mothering gig in those early months...
struggling to grow you well and find my balance.
Making it through that small phase...
and on to slipping on your waffle chunks in the morning.
How my ideas of what should be...
are lack luster in what could be.
That planning and preparation are essential...
but never enough to stop all the moments of chaos.
That I could bounce a baby, read to a toddler...
and pee at the same time.

Guido man
You like trains and baby dolls.
You stomp your foot to show your disapproval and to bust a move.
You yell so loud - in anger and joy.
All animals growl and all things with wheels vroom.
You just started saying dada a few days ago.
You still love to go to sleep, but sometimes hate to stay there.
Are an extremely early riser and love to steal my coffee.
Have a huge personality and a even bigger heart.
We all love you little man.

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Julia Goolia said...

he is beautiful and so is this post. I love his little personality. You are doing so good, mama.