compact dics


Remember when you needed the CD to listen to music?
Now I have pandora and youtube.

CD's were a huge deal for me growing up.
I had quite a collection.
On birthdays, paydays, holidays - I was always excited to pick out a new CD.

Oh then the age of the CD burner and MP3's.
What a glorious time that was...
your own mixed tapes and nabster.

In big declutter phase I went through my collection.
I edited them all down to a few hundred about 8 years ago.
I alphabetized them by artist and put them in a huge book.

That book has sat and sat.
Been through moves and gathered dust.
And I finally decided to go through them.

What memories...
My first CD was still there...
Rob Base.
It takes two to make a thing go right...

I made piles and then realized I hadn't missed any of them in years.
So I let them all go.
All 227 of them.

I did microwave a few for Eva's enjoyment...
now that was fun.


Meredith said...

We need to do this too. I think they're all stacked in the garage getting scratched to high heavens.

I still buy a CD every once in awhile--only bands that I know I'll listen to the whole thing all the way through though :)

aimymichelle said...

oh wow. i still have my cds i doubt i'd get rid of them.