moment: walking away


She was mad.  Really, really mad.
I am going to put on my shoes and coat and go outside and walk away mama.  Right now.

There it was.  The first threat to run away.
Michael and I stopped, stared at one another.
Did we hear what we thought we heard?  Really?
Then we started laughing.

It was 99.5% funny, hysterical even...
and .5% utterly terrifying.

She never even went to look for her shoes.
But I grabbed my camera to just take a quick shot, so I wouldn't forget.
And she gave me "the look" just perfect for the moment.

Oh man, we are in trouble.


Adrienne said...

And the tug of war begins. As you nurture all aspects of her little self, you will find yourself nurturing, adoring and encouraging her independent side...until the time when her desire for independence comes, not as a reaction to you or her 'limits' ... but as a next, appropriate and positive step. That face, may I just say, melts my heart today as much as it did the first time I saw her! She is a precious gift!!

Julia Goolia said...

I love her and those big blue eyes. Oh man----this is going to be a wild ride!