It took a while for my heart to catch up with real life.
 It hit hard at Trader Joes on Thursday.

Theodore isn't a baby anymore.

Eva was at preschool, so it was just us.
The little carts are usually his sisters job, but I thought "Hey, why not."
I had planned on letting him go for just a little while.
Sure he would get tired of walking soon and I would get tired of chasing.

He walked the whole store.
Following me and filling his basket.
We only ended up with one "surprise purchase" at checkout.
The cashier told him what a big and helpful little boy he was being today.

Yep, she said it...
he is a little boy.


Beard said...

Hi Nessa,

Have you heard about the hidden pig named Bacon at TJ's? Have the kids help locate him and they'll get a treat at check-out!

Adrienne said...

Pure Preciousness...He looks like "yup, this is how I roll"!!!

MommaBBabyboy said...

I had this exact realisation last week when my youngest held a tiny baby - he's so big now! Such a sweet story!

lucy at dear beautiful said...

This is exactly how I feel about my baby girl right now. I came to this sudden realisation that she's not a baby, and it's like it crept up on me. With her big bro it felt like I was watching more closely and perhaps pushing the growing up a bit more, but I swear that second time around it's like she grew up overnight. x