Facetime with daddy
the science museum
cars inside on a rainy day
playing vet
indoor playdate
pizza making with grandpa
grandma bunny and grandpa horsey
Frozen Frozen Frozen!

This last week just been one of just surviving.

With fresh vacation hangovers and loads and loads of sand filled laundry...
we had one day home together before Michael took off on another plane.

A week away in Guyana on a medical mission.
Internet was spotty, but we got some Facetime.

I made playdate plans, fled to the grandparents and bought Frozen.
Theo came down with a cold and I counted down the days.

But we made it.
We survived.
Michael comes home late tonight...
and I am so glad.

SO I will be back...
to catch up on vacation
(it was amazing)
and life in general.

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