little man

Theo 23 mos
Sometimes you are so little.
When you are sleeping and mouth breathing.
When you are sad and want to be held.

But lately there has been less of the little and more of the big.
Insisting on doing it yourself.
Climbing higher than your sister and going down the big slide.
Growling at other boys on the playground to make them laugh.
Getting bloody noses and bruised knees and never crying or slowing down.
Yelling "mama mama" after lights out and laughing when I check on you.
Getting more in your mouth with a spoon that your shirt.
Singing along with the radio in the car.
Bashing and wrecking toy cars into one another until bumpers break.
Finding high spots to jump from and a fall is just reason to try again.

The 23 mos 2

Than today, out of the blue...
you were playing on the floor and you stopped and ran to me.
Climbed on in my lap with a nose still a little bloody on the edges.

You pointed to your eye...
then crossed your arms...
and pointed at my heart

You had the biggest, proudest smile on your face.
I melting into a puddle.

I love you too little man.

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