So it has been two weeks and the dust is settling.
I am finding the bottom of the boxes and the the things buried in them are finding new homes.
We finally have working internet and (kinda) working cell phones.
Our house is a strange cell phone brown hole... not fun.

We are still calling our home the "new house " and referring to the "old house" often.
Even though there is someone already moved in and making it theirs...
 it's really hard to imagine.

Eva asked for a map while we were driving the other day...
 so she could know where we were, where we were going and when to tell me to turn.
I know how she feels.

Being surrounded by your things...
but all of them are in a new spot, on a new wall and in a new room.
It is like a weird deja vu.

It has been really good too.
To stretch out and find new things.
A new grocery, new parks, new playdates, a place for tacos and picking new favorites.

We are here, in our new house...
slowly making it our home.

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