dear deedle: spots

rocking chair
linen closet - deedle
Dear Deedle,

Lately, I have been carving out little spots for you.  There are only one or two more boxes left to unpack and my head has switched from nesting into the new house to nesting for you.  There is a little bed beside our big one, a table for the nursing supplies beside the rocker and a shelf with freshly washed blankets awaiting the load of burp clothes and swaddles in the linen closet.   

The weeks are creeping up on single digits and my doctor appointments are coming more frequent.  People grin when you make my belly shake.  Your getting the hiccups a lot and either you really love them or they make you angry... because you kick and turn and kick some more when ever you have them.  Your daddy and I really enjoy finding your body parts and poking.  It is so neat to be able to feel your little parts.  Keep them growing big and strong little one.

Love, me.

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Julia Goolia said...

Love this. I cannot believe you are getting so close to meeting this Deedle!!!!