Dear Deedle


Hi little one.  Sorry it has been a while for these letters of mine.
Ahhh but here we are - almost 28 weeks along.
(Your mamma is awkward at mirror photos... what do you do with that arm?)

My ticker for you hit the 90 day mark a few days ago...
now that made me sit up straight.

We are still getting settled into all the newness after the move.
I have rearranged the kitchen a few dozen times and left a space for your little things to go.
I made room for a few bottles on the shelf the other day... fingers crossed you might take one.
(A date night some day would be really awesome for your daddy and I.)

Being honest little Deedle - that is where we are in the baby prepping phase...
a half empty shelf and some room in our closet.

I got asked the other day about your nursery.
It is the thing people ask - especially when you have just moved into a new house.
It is part of the baby-small-talk protocol I believe.

But like your big brother, there is not a nursery.
Just your special spots...
in our bedroom, in the living room and I am sure more will show up everywhere else too.

I have a tiny shopping list of needs and wants.
The itty-bitty clothes have been sorted and are waiting their wash.

And I imagine you all the time.


Your little bum that makes my belly all lopsided...
 and tiny feet whose kicks really angers the cat trying to cuddle.
Your squishy face and pouty mouth.
The baby fuzz on your head.
How your knees will tuck up and arms will flail.
And that precious weight of you on my chest.

Less than 90 days Deedle.

Hugs and butt pats, Mama


Adrienne said...

Just precious. Neither of mine ever had a 'nursery' either...just very portable and folded into the space around them. I think they'd have been "lost" in a room of their own!

Lea said...

The nursery can just be wherever he is at any given time. That works!! You look great and blessings in the weeks ahead.

Julia Goolia said...

Love this so much. 90 days!!! Wow.

Julia Goolia said...

Love this so much. 90 days!!! Wow.