Dear Deedle: closing in


Dear Deedle,
Here we are at 34 weeks.  Now we are almost to 35 and the clock ticks. Your body parts are shoving and morphing my belly into something from poltergeist.  It is hilarious... especially when you do this in public to unsuspecting non-parent types.  They kinda freak.  It looks like you are trying to climb out the front, but you are just rearranging things.  

I bought the last item on my "need to buy" list this week.  Unless you are really small and need lots of newborn clothes - we are set.  My to-do list is not that bad really.  A lot of it is just things to the house that I "would like" to have done before you arrive.  Less to worry about later.  But essentially things are ready for you after a few loads of laundry.  

Boy do I feel pregnant.  Woah buddy.  By the end of the day I am tired and can't wait to get off my feet.  And those feet have started to swell just a tiny bit by the end of the day.  Everything else is looking good.  My doctor has been happy with everything so far and we are holding our own - lab work wise.  After a few rounds of strange results, we were sent in for the gamut of testing.  The doctor was worried - but after taking 7 vials of blood and a 24 hour urine sample - we passed with flying colors.  Keeping everyone on their toes already Deedle?  

Can't wait to hold you in a few weeks.  After 37 you are free to arrive. All lung developed and such.
All my love, 


Kristance and Matthew said...

Nessa, you look radiant! we've been praying for you and deedle since you told us the good news! can't wait to see that sweet face!

Julia Goolia said...

No way you are this far along. No way! You seriously look amazing and I'm beyond excited for you.