plane, bugs, holes and tantrums

Mr. Theo
There have been lots of big changes lately.  You are now talking up a storm.  Gone is the babbling and couple of words here and there.  You are speaking full sentences, repeating everything you hear and coming up with your own funny jokes.  Some favorite questions are "What?" and "Why?" - and an answer is expected and if you don't like the answer you just ask again. Along with that are some crazy tantrums.  Throw yourself on the floor, kicking and screaming tantrums.  You good at them.

Leaving your sister at preschool this past week was rough on you little man. Being the little guy and sitting out on things like preschool and soccer is so unfair, I know.  I have been making special trips to new parks during preschool time so that you get something just for you.  Even though I can tell you love all the one-on-one attention - you still ask "Where's sissy?" every 20 minutes or so.  You both are really glad to see each other at pick-up time and give big unprompted hugs... if you only knew what that does to this mommy's heart.

You favorites right now are planes, anything big with wheels, dirt, rocks, holes, water, bugs, and mud.  We are going thru 3-4 clothing changes a day around here.  I don't know how you manage it - but if there is a mess to find you are knee deep in it.  And if there is not a mess, there will be one soon.  You leave trails and evidence wherever you go... I have rocks in the car and mulch in the washer.    The acorn and dead bug in my purse made me giggle - and I think it graduated me to full on "mom of a little boy" status.  Thanks Mr. Theo.  Love your mama.

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