these two


I worried a lot about these two getting along.  Yes, I knew they would fight.  I knew there would be moments when they would rather be related to anyone else in the world.  But, I also know how great it could be.  How having someone - that no matter what - is on your side.  Someone that is in your corner and will stay up until 10:00 pm gabbing with you about nothing specific, just becaue you needed them to.

They did that tonight.

Michael and I listened to them chatter back and forth for over an hour over the baby monitor.  Silly banter and even sillier jokes.  Giggles and squeals.  A big sister and little brother trying to keep each other awake and entertained.  
It was magic.

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Adrienne said...

And the magic just keeps growing and getting more amazing! ...like when your husband is sleepwalking in the middle of the night and it freaks you out. So you call your brother at 3am. You talk until you're laughing and settled enough to go back to sleep! Yes, their magic is just beginning!