18 days


18 days old Miss Helena.  Sometimes it seems strange to have you here... and then other times it really just fits.  You're a little firecracker.  One minute asleep and the next breath holding and screaming.  Eva adores you - you are her baby Helena.  Theodore likes to ignore you - unless he is asking, "Me hold it? Me hold it!?!"  They both worry and yell for me when you cry.  You are so well loved by them.

Today was my first morning and afternoon mostly alone.  Your daddy was a rockstar before he left for his first day back to work.  He had both big kids ready and dressed.  We have been really spoiled to have him off this long.  It has been amazing but back to reality, right?

We managed well today.  Took Eva to school and got her there on time.  We made a grocery store trip where I only forgot two things that we needed.  You ate in the store parking lot before we went in and again when we came out.  Cluster feeding has been your jam lately.  Thank goodness for the episode of Mickey on my phone.  It was my saving grace keeping Theo happy while you snacked away.

This afternoon your grandpa came for the big kids and it is just me and you tonight.  I imagine there will be a whole lot of feeding you.  Watching episodes of Gilmore Girls while I fold laundry.  Then more feeding you.  I spend a lot of time feeding you and changing you.  You Miss Helena are the queen of making huge messing in the middle of a diaper change.  I have been sprinkled on, sprayed  and other sorts of grossness more times with you than Eva and Theodore combined... in their entire lifetime.  

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Adrienne said...

That explains the little smirk on her face!! So sweet. Thinking of you as you adjust to the new normal. Hugs!