one month

One month old little one.

You are growing really well.  
Busting out of the newborn clothes and only swimming a little in the 0-3 month sizes.  
Trying to coo and surprised when it really makes a sound.
Nursing all the time, meals, snacks and just because.
Refusing all bottles and pacifiers - to the point of gagging and vomiting.
Tolerating the swing and loving being held.
Sleeping for a tiny bit longer stretches.
Being amused by your crazy sister and brother.
Seeking and demanding eye contact during all your wakeful times.
Showing a few smiles that light up the room.

We love you Helena.


Adrienne said...

Such a pretty name...don't think I've said that yet! I'm in my office, in a turtleneck and sweater...and my fingers are cold as I type. So the baby in the onesie just gave me an extra chill...though I'm sure she's as warm as a bug. So so happy for you and your precious growing family!!

Julia Goolia said...

I just cannot believe she is one month!! Amazing. Love her.