I know I have the same amount of it as everyone else...but why do I feel like I have less than ever? December is almost over!  So what have we been up too?
Eva was in awe of Santa... rock star awe and would not sit on his lap.  Just stood back and covered her mouth.  It was like she was in the presence of one of the Beatles.  Theo sat on his lap but hated he it.  He could not understand Eva's fascination with the bearded fellow in the big chair.
Helena slept through it all.  It was overall very hilarious.

Eva's Preschool Christmas program was so sweet.  Finding her a dressy outfit that was: a waistless dress, with short sleeves and no itch was interesting.  I ended up with a tutu skirt, silver headband and sparky shoes to make normal clothes look festive.  We are in a "strong opinion" phase of clothing and I am so thankful for the  seamless socks we purchased off Amazon.  Lifesavers.

Still attempting this... I am sure it will click one day.  Right now I think he just believes this is a weird way to pay cars and planes.  He tells me he likes his diapers.  I don't like them.

Watching the snow.  It is always amazing to watch them be so surprised at the white stuff.  It makes me giddy when I see it in the forecast because I know it will make them happy.  They love the snow.

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