on three


Shhhh... I won't admit it out loud, but you guys are the boss.  We might make the rules but you're are the ones that call the shots.  The three of you teach me something new everyday - the infant, the brand new preschooler and the almost kindergartener.

I swore I wouldn't let motherhood define me.  Before you guys were here, I decided that being a mom would just be a small piece of a whole bunch of other parts that made me up.  I had no idea how huge this mom thing was, but in this picture are the three things that make me who I am.  24/7/365 I am your mom.  You are my jobs, my hobbies, and my free time.  I even write these posts, one-handed, on my phone while I nurse you Lena - hoping to copy and paste them later.  I know it won't always be this way, but for right now you three run the show.

On Valentine's Day, your daddy and I had a date night.  Thai take-out after the big kids were asleep.  We sat and had mostly uninterrupted conversation with a baby on our laps. We finished our sentences and had complete conversations.  It was amazing.  We somehow managed to get little Lena in bed and started a movie.  I made it halfway through before I fell asleep on the couch.  I am pretty sure I fell asleep smiling. 


Adrienne said...

I love this. And the really good news is, that when you're all in with this mommy thing...and you soak in all they have to give...when they strike out on their own they leave you - not empty - but FULL!! And ready for all that other stuff that we put on hold!

Sheila said...

Such a sweet photo - I've been away from blogging for so long, congrats on beautiful baby Helena x

Olivia Grace said...

This post made me smile:) Three is pretty magical, even though they totally outnumber us in every way.

Julia Goolia said...

Love this so much. Such a huge job, indeed.