a month


One month ago the world outside looked like this.  Today it is 65 degrees and sunny.  Amazing how much can change in a month.

On this day, Theo was helping his daddy shovel our driveway. He worked hard.  Harder than I would to be sure.  No breaks and he wouldn't stop.  No, mama I finish, I finish.  Red cheeks and a runny nose, he worked on.  

This head-strong, stubborn little guy's personality can sometimes drive me nuts.  When he won't stop climbing or running through the house with his mouth full of food... sometimes I think might loose my mind.  But watching him use his the things that make me crazy to work so hard - I definitely don't want to forget this. My dedicated hard working little guy.

Because a month went by and I blogged once, I am going to do my best to catch up and blog everyday in April.  It was Julia's idea and I thank her for it.  

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Julia Goolia said...


I do not miss the snow although I know it's beautiful. Bring on April!