10 months


Helena you are 5/6th the way to being a big one year old.

You are trying to walk.  Taking a few steps here and there and so proud of yourself.  I seriously can't stand how excited you get when you walk.  And then your big sister and big brother are there cheering you on... I melt.

Still pretty hairless and holding strong.  You make bald gorgeous.  You love food and really love fudges cycles... you can thank being the third kid on getting those chocolate treats this early in the game.

So far sleeping through the night is a no, but you are sleeping better since we splurged on a zipadeezip.  Never would have thought it would help this late in - but again I am humbled as a mother.  (And there has been no compensation - but I am sharing our luck.)

You are opinionated, loving and a spit fire.  Your hair that is almost showing is declaring you to be a redhead... and I would expect nothing less.  We love you to pieces Helena.

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