Eva and Theo

Eva and Theo
Since we have been back from vacation it seems like time has been on hyperspeed.  Vacation - The Bixlers go RVing - was so much fun and I am wading through the hundreds of photos and trying to get them in some kind of order.

After almost 2 weeks of uninterrupted parent time, no bedtimes, and all fun all day - it took awhile to adjust.  (Enter tantrums and 4:00 am wake-ups.)  But now that the dust has settled we are trying to soak up the last bits of summer... because on Friday Eva will be an official kindergartener.

She is excited.  Very, very EXCITED!  After her orientation yesterday said, "Mom, I am really big now aren't I?  Really big and really cool."  Yes, you are really big and really cool.

Eva and Theo have been thick as thieves lately.  Everything they do - they are doing it together.  From playing cars, princesses, being Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and even plotting against mommy to get on the kitchen counters looking for suckers.  They introduce each other to their friends and I catch them holding hands when they think I am not looking.

So as much as I know Friday is going to be an emotional one for me, my mommy heart breaks for Mr. Theo.  He is going to be a little lost without his big sister and especially his best friend.

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